TPR Compounds

TPR Compounds

Davprene is a thermoplastic rubber manufactured in South Africa by Davro Compounding. It is generally referred to as TPR.

The Davprene range is a class of elastomers useable without vulcanisation. Davprene can be blended with many plastics such as styrenics, polyolefins and other thermoplastics to improve their performance.

They can also increase the performance of scrap and regrind materials. In the shoe industry Davprene grades based on the styrenics are used for quality shoe sole. These soles are produced with various hardness, colour, translucent or solid state according to customer requirements.

Davprene grades can be converted into various products through the process of Injection moulding, extrusion and vacuum forming.

TPR Compounds

Davro Compounding supplies a range of TPR compounds that services the footwear industry. Standard products are natural and black compounds. A database of current colour compounds on offer has been established and speciality colours are offered as per customer requirements.

Specialist Masterbatches

A range of thermoplastic masterbatches are offered for use in applications like film, pipes, packaging and more. Davblack is a high quality range of P-Type Carbon Black Masterbatches for thermoplastic applications.